Neil Warres, M.D. Psychiatry in Pikesville                                     104 Church Lane Suite 202
                                                                                                                               Pikesville, Maryland 21208


Health Insurance Information:

Dr. Warres does not participate in any insurance plans, but patients typically receive insurance reimbursement of part of his fee through their “out of network insurance benefits” by submitting to their insurance company billing statements that Dr. Warres supplies.  All necessary information for reimbursement is included on these statements.

If you ask, Dr. Warres will complete and submit the “Uniform Treatment Plan” on your behalf.  (Please find out if your insurance plan requires this.)

Payment is due to Dr. Warres at the time of service by cash or check unless some different prior arrangement is made with him.

Missed or Cancelled Appointments: Patients will be charged for missed or cancelled appointments unless 24 hours’ notice is given (one business day).

Administrative Fees:

Dr. Warres does not employ staff to perform tasks such as billing or copying patient records.  The fees outlined below are meant to cover costs of time and materials:

Reprinting statements: $10
Returned checks: $25
Retrieving and copying patient records: These fees are dictated by Maryland law, and are currently $22.88 plus 76 cents per page, plus postage.

If you are a patient of Dr. Warres, and are having a psychiatric emergency, first try to speak directly with Dr. Warres by calling him at his office.  On weekends or evenings, try to reach Dr. Warres at his home (410-484-8053) or on his cell (410-274-9607).  If unable to reach him by phone, please leave a detailed voicemail message at his office, and (if appropriate) call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

The First Appointment:

During the first appointment, which lasts approximately an hour, Dr. Warres tries to learn enough about your current difficulties, background, medical and psychiatric history to begin to formulate a plan for how to help you.  To aid in this process, please bring with you any papers or documents which help you provide the following: information about past psychiatric problems, past mental health treatment, past psychiatric medications taken and their effects (both positive and negative), past and current medical problems, medication allergies, and a list of current medications.  Please also bring all applicable insurance cards.
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